What we're made of.

Founded in 1905, the Horween Leather Company in Chicago, Illinois supplies leathers to designers and manufacturers worldwide.

Horween's Dublin and Latigo leathers mellow and age beautifully. That’s because their full-grain cowhides are fat liquored and hand-glazed before they leave the tannery. These processes impart life-long durability and beauty on your Beamhaus case.

The test of time

Beamhaus leather goods weather the fickle tastes of seasonal fashion. Over time, the oils of your hands, combined with exposure to sunlight and the elements, will create a patina unique to you. The leather will develop a deep shine that grows richer and darker with age.


Design is in the details

While simplicity is a hallmark of Beamhaus design, several details bear mention.

The soft green suede lining protects the touchscreen and provides complimentary contrast to the dark leather interior.

Our iPad and laptop sleeves incorporate a hidden magnet to hold the flap shut.

The Pocket incorporates a slot on the bottom that makes it easy to remove your device and accommodates a charging cable.

About Beamhaus

At Griffin, we’ve made our name in developing products that make personal electronics more fun and more productive to use.

Beamhaus, however, is a little different. Our designers wanted to explore how traditional materials and workmanship could be applied to the fast-changing world of technology. Our mission is to marry quality craftmanship with the very best materials to create heirloom-quality leather goods that perform well and age gracefully.