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Feb18 | 2011

Tools never die

I’ve written about our favorite technology products from the past here before. I fondly remember using my Sony Walkman cassette player, a product that is now obsolete. Or is it? There was a fantastic interview on NPR recently that concluded … Continue reading

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Jul8 | 2010

Hits of the 80′s

Kurt Black from has a fantastic recent post about the most popular gadgets of the 1980′s. They include the Sony Walkman, Commodore 64 (a personal favorite), microwave oven, compact disc player, VHS player, Nintendo NES and desktop fax machine. … Continue reading

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Feb19 | 2010

What technology do you miss the most?

There’s a great post on Web Designer Depot listing 38 vintage technologies that we no longer use. Most of the technologies that we have used in the past have been eclipsed by the remarkable technology that we use today. Advances … Continue reading

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