Apr7 | 2010

Can’t stand iPad?

You have your iPad, right? You’ve probably already purchased a sweet iPad case too, protection is important. Now how are you going to use it on your desk?  Are you going to just leave it there in a pile? Surely … Continue reading

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Mar23 | 2010

The all new iTrip Auto FM transmitter

Why yes, as a matter of fact we do have a brand new version of our best selling iTrip Auto FM transmitter. Thank you for asking. Want to control iTrip with your iPhone? There’s an app for that!

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Feb17 | 2010

How not to talk with your hands

Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable has received plenty of buzz since we announced it at CES in January. iLounge even awarded the simplest no-installation speakerphone kit with their Best of Show Finalist award! With hands-free laws popping up in so many … Continue reading

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Apr6 | 2010

Your iPad is powerless without us!

Green means go. It also means that you are charging your iPad with our popular PowerBlock and PowerJolt products. Charge your iPad at home/office/hotel/etc… PowerBlock is our best-selling AC charger, which is now available for iPad in a new 2.1 amp capacity for … Continue reading

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Mar9 | 2010

You asked for it! New Threadless iPhone cases!

We heard you loud and clear. Here are two new designs from the talented Threadless artist community. Each iPhone 3G case is made from a single-piece polycarbonate shell that protects from scratches, dust, dings and boringness. Permafrost Pollution by: Viktor Hachmang … Continue reading

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Feb16 | 2010

Meet Tech

Our Elan Form Etch is among our most popular iPhone case lines. People tend to really like the high-leather quality and polycarbonate inner shell. Each case also comes with EasyDock, so you can easily pop off the bottom to dock it … Continue reading

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