Aug21 | 2014

What Is USB 3.0?

  There’s a new USB in town. It’s bigger and faster, and most importantly, it has a different kind of connector. But, confusingly, the new connector has the same name as the old connector. The new USB is called SuperSpeed … Continue reading

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May22 | 2014

The Best Way To Backup Your Data

Backup your data. These are words we hate hearing – especially when they’re coming from our computer-savvy friend we called in a panic because our hard drive crashed and they ask if we’ve been doing so (we haven’t). Why do we have such … Continue reading

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Aug13 | 2014

C is for Cookie…

If you’ve visited our site (or any site that sells internationally), you may have noticed a message that popped up on screen that says something like “This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. By using our website, … Continue reading

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