Jun30 | 2011

iPad security tips

MacWorld’s Rich Mogull has a great post on ways to enhance your iPad security. Tips include: Passcodes and encryption Enhance the passcode Enable remote wipe Good safety practices Check out his full post on MacWorld. Do you have any iPad … Continue reading

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Aug24 | 2011

Twitter to the rescue!

On Monday, Mrs. Katie Jane asked us a question on Twitter. Do you know how to move music from one computer to another in iTunes? 2 different laptops = two music libraries on one account. Rather than answer directly, I … Continue reading

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Jun29 | 2011

How to back up your iPhone

According to a recent article from VentureBeat, Only 50% of Apple Store customers backup their iPhones. We implore you to be sure you’re backing up your iPhone (and any other device for that matter). Here are Apple’s steps to back up … Continue reading

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