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We Heart Vintage PowerBooks

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  • Larry Larson

    Still have my PowerBook 100. Still works, too.

  • http://blog.griffintechnology.com/ Griffin Technology

    Larry, what are you using the 100 for currently? I think what my biggest challenge is with old hardware is figuring out what to run on it. My iBook G4 is just sitting on a shelf, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Ditto a G4 iMac (the daisy). I know I could be running all matter of servers, etc., but my hardware cache is far outstripping my available time to putter stash. ^WebW

  • j michael rowland

    I’ve been meaning to get my old Mac Plus out and crank it up.

  • http://entertainmentbuzzz.com/ Jia

    Power books are still around.

  • James Harry

    My first was a Macintosh Portable, and then the PowerBook 170. Ah, memories….