Nov30 | 2012
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Twenty Great Holiday Tunes You’ve Never Heard

It starts up around Thanksgiving, and doesn’t let up until New Years Eve, and regardless of what you celebrate, or how you celebrate it, there’s no escaping it: Christmas music.  Flowing forth from unseen speakers, everywhere you go, the same treacly, saccharine songs that you’re forced to endure year after year, like it or not.

If you’re anything like me, you fall squarely in the “like it” column.  There are plenty of great new seasonal singles released every year, and still more gems being unearthed by crate diggers and rereleased online. So, here’s our gift to you, twenty great seasonal jams to drown out the annual deluge of Frostys and Rudolphs. Punk and Pop, Jazz and Soul, Rap and Rock, there’s something for everyone here. We hope you dig it the most. ^Mike

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