Aug26 | 2014
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The Griffin Academy of Design and Technology

At Griffin Technology, education is our passion, and we’re thrilled to support the students in the Design and Technology Academy at Hunters Lane High School in Nashville through a partnership with the Academies of Nashville.  After working hand in hand with the students, teachers, and administration for about a year and a half to a total of nearly 1,000 man hours, we are very proud to announce the newly named Griffin Academy of Design and Technology.  To celebrate the occasion and our growing commitment to the students in the Griffin Academy of Design and Technology, today’s blog post is brought to you by Hunters Lane High School senior, Freddy Angel.

My name is Freddy Angel, a senior at Hunters Lane High School and a student ambassador for the Griffin Academy of Design and Technology.  When asked why I chose the Academy of Design and Technology, I had to think a little while – not because I don’t know why, but because there are so many reasons.  When I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in computer engineering at MTSU.  The Academy has giving me so many tools to move toward that path.

Since coming on board, Griffin has made such a huge impact on not just my education, but the Academy as a whole.  With their donation of Macs to our classrooms, we’ve gotten a tremendous amount of hands-on training we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.  Working on different programs, learning code, and using dual-platform computers and touch screens help each student learn in their own individual way.  I have found this to be an amazing experience so far.  Not to mention, we are going to have an easier transition from high school to college for students.  My brother is studying computer engineering in college and has told me that having a program like this would have made it much easier for him.

It’s an exciting time at Hunters Lane, and we are all truly lucky to be a part of it.  On behalf of my fellow students, I’d like to say how excited we are to kick off this school year in the Griffin Academy of Design and Tech!

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