Sep27 | 2012
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Fall fashion now includes snappy plaids, checks and fine fabrics for your iPhone

The start of fall means bringing out all our (re-discovered) favorite fall clothes…and maybe acquiring a few new outfits. At the first hint of crisp weather, we long to wear boots and wool skirts and change to fall-season shoes and handbags. We call it “football weather,” and it’s great, in the South, if it actually is football weather on game day so we can dress for the occasion. Fall clothes have more fabric, chunkier textures, tweeds and plaids, with leather accents and accessories. Sure, there are spring plaids, but they just don’t have the panache that fall colors, checks and plaids offer with cool names like houndstooth, gingham and glen.

If you’re in the spirit of fall fashion and you have a penchant for fine handcrafted pieces, why not dress your iPhone in Otis James this fall? Griffin + Otis James sleeves feature fine silk, wool and linen fabrics. Otis James hand-finishes every single detail, down to the stamps on the labels, at his studio here in Nashville. These limited-edition styles are handcrafted in small batches so each case is truly unique.

You can check out Otis James’ fashion sense here in the July 2012 issue of GQ magazine.

What are your fall fashion faves?       –^AshleyW

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