Nov5 | 2012
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HALO 4: Are you man or woman enough to beat the geeks?

To celebrate the awesome that is the Halo 4 release, we convinced our boss to let us have a LAN party. And as if that wasn’t enough (and it’s not), we’re officially throwing down the gauntlet and challenging the whole of Xbox Live to a 2-hour Halo-off with prizes and bragging rights on the line.

From 8:00pm-10:00pm CST on Tuesday, November 6, we’ll be randomly selecting people who have sent friend requests to us on Xbox Live to play Halo 4 against our all-stars in a single 4v4 match. If you can manage to come together with 3 randomly selected teammates and somehow overcome our guys in orange, each member of the 4-person squad will snag $25 store credit to our online store.

Want in? The gamertags you need are as follows:


Gauntlet down. Who among you will accept?

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