Jun17 | 2011
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Oynx Ashanti

We live in Nashville, Tennessee, which is also known as “Music City”. It seems like everyone at Griffin is a musician, songwriter or is close friends with a musician or songwriter.

It’s no surprise that so many of our products enhance your musical experience by protecting and prolonging the life of your favorite MP3 player, even when it happens to be a tablet or smartphone. We’ve even created a section on our site dedicated to some of our latest musician-friendly products like StompBox, GuitarConnect, DJ Cable and more.

This post was inspired in part by our amazingly musical city and friends, but it was also inspired by Onyx Ashanti, a musician, geek, open-source advocate, Maker, and collaborator. Oynx mixes cool technology (which we also love) into a full-body musical system, playable with his hands, arms, mouth and body. You have to see this to believe it.

Be sure to tell Oynx what you think of his BeatJazz. We think it’s pretty wild!

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