Renfaire Weekend: Get thee to a nerdery, then win “Game of Thrones” in HD

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  • Bruce Epper

    Answers to your questions:
    1) Most people are happy to pose for pics
    2) Not sure as I missed them in AZ this year
    3) Folks are generally not that bloodthirsty, but with the current political and economic effects on many minds, that could be a serious consideration.
    4) Absolutely!  I’ve been ogling some mighty impressive swords during my last couple of appearances at the faire.
    5) Damn straight!  Already put in my +.

  • Griffin Technology

    Thanks for the reply, Bruce.  And for the Add over on G+.  Turns out we were rained out this weekend.  I know we lose points for not going hardcore and seeing it in the rain, but it runs through the end of the month and spirits would be, on the whole, much higher with dry weather.  So next weekend, it’s on.  Details and pics to follow.