May24 | 2012
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Undead man walking! Knows Where to Go When The Zombies Come

Here, there be zombies. And there, too.

Things don’t look great for Nashville. Atlanta’s toast. And most of Western Europe will be reduced to a shambling horde of lifeless horrorcorpses in far less time than you’d expect.

Where to go or not go when the Zombies come.But when the zombie apocalypse finally comes, Map of the Dead may be your best friend. At least as long as the internets are still up.

Our buds over at anti-undead braintrust have developed an interactive guide to zombie hot zones, along with key anti-zombie materiel locations such as churches, liquor stores and gun stores.

Check ‘em out and plan your escape route now before the internet’s series of tubes becomes clogged with rotting human remains.

While you’re there, sign up to win a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Pack including The Walking Dead schwag, Griffin’s Survivor military-grade iPhone case, and a printed map of your town or city (invaluable once the nation’s data and power grids fail, clicking off simultneously in a gut-wrenching “click” heard ’round the world)

Check out Map of the Dead. Then pray to whatever larger, non-corporeal deity you choose that the lifeless unfortunates never figure out the rudiments of the mouse.

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