What We’re Hearing: Nude Beach II

I’ve never been one for Spring Fever.  I’ve always been more of a Fall Fever guy.  I look forward with relish to fiery red leaves and sweater weather, bonfires and heavy beers.  I missed Nude Beach‘s second album, II, when the band self-released it this Spring, only to see it quickly sell out while on tour with another un-Googleable Brooklyn band, The Men, but it’s just as well.  For me, it’ll be the perfect soundtrack to simple fall pleasures.

Kicking off with a jolt, “Radio” has all the swagger of a victory lap, like Damn the Torpedoes era Tom Petty sitting in with a stripped down E Street Band. The Petty touches are pervasive, as are many nods to other 70′s rockers from both sides of the Pond, but the whole project comes off as far more than pastiche.  “Walkin’ Down My Street” struts through two-and-a-half minutes that feel twice as long in all the right ways, a song you feel like you’ve been humming your whole life by the end.

It’s not all rockers, of course.  ”You Make It So Easy” chimes and shines, and “Don’t Have To Try” is the plaintive slow dance at the end of the night.  Still, it’s the rockers that set the pace, especially album standouts “Some Kinda Love” and “Cathedral Echoes” are the perfect soundtrack for a bonfire with friends on a cool Autumn night.  If your friends are anything like mine, that is.

Nude Beach II is out today.  You can pick it up from your local record store or download it from iTunes. ^Mike

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