iTalk Recorder Premium now with Dropbox!

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  • Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

    Hi, My file is 346Mb and keeps on failing to my dropbox.
    I also tried using the sharing apps area in itunes but italk premium doesn’t show in the sharing folder?

  • Dave Delaney

    Sorry you’re having trouble Bobbi-Lea. Please contact support, so we can help you with it:

  • Jeremy

    I’m using the app on my ipad 3 and I can’t get drop box to work at all.  Maybe I’m missing somethinb obvious but the drop box file browser appears and well, that’s it…  I can’t drop, save or do anything.  Any help you can give would be appreciated. :)  Btw, this is the premium one I’m using. 

  • Yasser Farooque

    Since the time iOS 6 got uploaded on my iPhone 4, I can not record nothing on iTalk recorder. its getting very frustrating that I press the record button and it shows as if the iTalk is recording but when I finish recording my lecture in 30 minutes its still 0.00 KBs with recording length of 0 Seconds. Its rubbish now.

  • Griffin Technology

    Yasser – Something’s definitely not working as it should. Please contact our Tech Support folks at They come back online tomorrow (Monday) at 9am Central Time.