Reading on your iPad? Two Must-Have Apps and One Must-Have Griffin Accessory Make It Easier

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  • Jay

    Reeder. Bar none the best news reader.

  • create880964863

    For me ipad seems to be unconvenient for reading, especially some big amount of information. I prefer real newspapers and books

  • Griffin Technology

    Thanks for your response, create880964863!

    For the large part I agree.  And I still prefer a real book to an ebook for so many different reasons.  Yes, the tangibility of a book as an object is crucial.  And there are many books that I know I’ll either read again or pass on to others.  And insofar as newspapers are concerned, *NOTHING* offers the same crossword puzzle experience like newsprint and a mechanical pencil.That said, I love the fact that with an eBook, I can get a 1-time-read pulpy action thriller, read it through and be done with it without the need to dispose of/giveaway a paperback.I wonder if our children’s children will look at our (the current generations) insistence that there is nothing that can adequately replace the book experience as we look upon, say, horse-drawn carriage builders.  Arguably, an eBook is a completely different and new content delivery method.  Whether it replaces the dead-tree versions of books is yet to be seen.