May16 | 2012
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Customer Support New Awesomeness Machine Installation Nearly Complete

In Customer Support, we’re completing the transition to a new ticketing system that should be complete today. We don’t expect any problems,mainly because all of the complicated bits have been switched over to the new system over the past few days. However, if you submitted a request and haven’t heard back in 24 hours,you can reach us on the phone or via live chat.

We’ve got a picture (above) of the old system. While we liked the retro feel of “Ol’ Sparky”, finding replacement vacuum tubes had become increasingly problematic. Specifically, our source in Russia has gotten out of the business, and it seems that the Federal Aviation Administration has a monopoly on the remaining tube supply to keep our nation’s air traffic control systems up and running. So in the interest of national air safety, we’ve opted for a newer system.


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  • David Cintron

    Congrats on the upgrade!