Feb11 | 2012
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The $51/pound Coffee Conundrum

A number of the folks in Creative Services share a Keurig coffee maker. Every morning from 8:30 til 9, the Hive fills with the smells jamocha raspberry almond fudge ripple coffee. “Convenient,” they say. “A fresh cup every time” they say.

“$51 a pound” I say, having just read this post over at thekitchn.com.

Bongo Java BoliviaFor $51 a pound, my coffee had better be picked by trained panda bears and lovingly roasted one bean at a time, then brewed with water fresh from a glacier melt.

You know what is convenient?  And not $51/pound.  The coffee we get every week from our good friends at Bongo Java Roasting Co.  Fair-trade and local-roasted.  Yum.  Don’t live in Nashville?  No biggie.  Bongo does mail order.

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