Sep13 | 2011
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AeroSport Control. A must have fitness accessory!

AeroSport Control

Running and exercising has never sounded so good, or it’s about to sound even better!

Our new AeroSport Control is a lightweight, one-piece, ultimate active-use armband for iPod touch. If you’re planning a workout, you should plan to wrap this sweat-proof, moisture-proof, comfortable, armband around your arm.

With built-in play controls, you’ll be about to play, skip forward, skip back, and control the volume with our big bright buttons. Fitness should be fun, why not add your favorite soundtrack to it?


  • Smooth, stretchy wicking band adjusts to fit arms up to 17″ (43 cm)
  • Control your iPod touch with AeroSport Control’s volume, play, pause, forward, back controls
  • Hidden key pocket
  • Protection from grit and dust

Grab one from the store!

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