Jan4 | 2011
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CarTrip and CleanDrive App

Unfortunately, CarTrip and the CleanDrive app have been placed on hold for the foreseeable future. We realize that many of you were excited about the prospect of these products, as we were too. However, it was determined that more testing and development was needed before we could bring this to market.
If and when we have further news on the status of CarTrip or CleanDrive we will be sure to let you know.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding. Thanks.

Have you ever wondered how efficiently your car is running? Have you ever been nervous when you saw your “Check Engine” light come on?



CarTrip is the easy, fun tool that helps you drive more efficiently, save money, and do your part to help the environment. CarTrip’s Bluetooth monitor plugs into the car’s On-Board Diagnostic Computer Reader (OBD-II) port to record and analyze data from the car’s on-board computer.



Our CleanDrive app will monitor your car’s performance, collecting realtime data like fuel consumption, acceleration, top speed and engine diagnostic codes. CleanDrive crunches the numbers and displays a “Carbon Score” in an easy-to-understand format on the iOS or Android device’s screen. Instantaneous, trip, and long-term averages are recorded to give a clear view of how your driving habits impact the environment over time.

CleanDrive will also display and reset the diagnostic codes sent by your car’s on-board computer, so that you will know what the “Check Engine” light is really saying.

CarTrip, $89.99, will be available in the first quarter of 2011. CleanDrive, a free download, will be available for iOS in Q1 2011, and Q2 for Android.

Going to CES?

If you’re going to the Consumer Electronics Show, be sure to pop by our booth – North Hall #4727 to see them in person.

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    please? :P

  • Andrew Hale

    http://www.automatic.com/ Has something similar coming out in a couple months, possibly better, and it should HOPEFULLY be less expensive.