Essential road trip tips

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  • rick

    Find great places to eat along the way

  • Dave Delaney

    Great tip! Thanks J.P.

  • Dave Delaney

    So true! We forgot to do this recently going to Canada. Thanks!

  • Dave Delaney

    Good point! Who doesn't like Blues Clues? :)

  • Jediah c

    Plan on finding a few places along the way to stop and take pictures. One of the best parts of the great American road trip is the sights along the way. take advantage of the flexibility of ground transport and enjoy America at it's best!

  • Daz

    Personal tip for an amazing road trip, is get your passenger to bring along many music CDs so you can tirelessly debate each individual track as the journey progresses….

  • Cassondra Monique

    So many comments that I can't keep up! I travel a lot so one of my tips is don't try to drive too long in one day. 10-11 hrs should be the absolute most you drive (and only after a good night's sleep). Beyond that and you seriously run the risk of being too tired. Additionally, you should be sure to stop if you start to get tired. BE SAFE! :)

  • Eric Lott

    Sunflower seeds!! So you draw the short straw and get night shift or even worse the after lunch shift and everybody else is passed out from food comma or driving all day. How are you going to stay awake? Sunflower seeds! By some chimical reaction, natural compound, or macigal power these seeds not only will keep you awake but the act of eating them gives you something to do too. So grab an empty bottle to spit you shells in and a bottle of water to keep your mouth from drying out and be the hero of the trip and volunteer to take that killer shift.

  • Willis

    Always bring drinks and snacks. They make driving long hours much more pleasant.