Jun11 | 2010
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Friday goodness for our iPod touch friends

Lucky 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch owners should be excited about our new Insider case. These are sure to sell out quickly!

Insider case for iPod touch; two-layer case; pink and purple

Insider case for iPod touch; two-layer case; cyan and green

It’s a fun 2-layer case that lets you vary the visuals to suit your mood.

A thin inner shell with a wonderful soft feel encloses and protects your iPod touch. Use it all by itself — or snap on the outer shell for two layers of protection, and interesting visual patterns that show through with contrasting colors and patterns.

As with all Griffin cases, Insider gives your iPod full protection, and you full access to its Multi-Touch display, ports, and controls.

Learn more about Insider and pick one up now, while they last.

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