Mar2 | 2011
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We’re excited about iPad 2, too!

We’re super-excited to finally see the new iPad.  The original was pretty amazing.  And it appears iPad 2 promises to more than live up to the amazingness we’ve all come to expect from Apple.

We know that you expect us to deliver great products that fit and work with iPad – or any platform, for that matter – perfectly.  We’ll have cases, chargers and other accessories available online and in stores soon.

We think you’ll be pleased with the results.  We’ll have a number of new case designs in the pipeline, as well as new colors and styles in some of our most popular products.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when we do.

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  • kevin

    Any plans to make a survivor case for the ipad 2? My 3 year old will desperately need one.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Kevin.
    Head here for details:

  • Logan Swift

    please don’t leave out us purple lovers when it comes to the new ipad 2 stuff! (don’t be like apple in that department)

  • Philip Benson

    I really want a recording solution (interface) to use my good xlr mics with ipad 2 and garage band! Any plans??

  • Dave Delaney

    Would GuitarConnect help with that?

  • Tylerwkeeling

    Are you going to have a case that works with the smartcover? that would be nice

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. We’ll see.
    Sorry I don’t have more info right now.

  • Matt

    Will be getting an iPad 2 this Friday, and I really want to get the Elan Sleeve. Is this going to be re-made for the new form factor of the iPad 2, or am I safe to order this now? Or is there going to be a new sleeve released specific for the iPad 2?


  • Dave Delaney

    We’ll be announcing new iPad 2 compatible products really soon.
    iPad 2 is thinner than the original, so while you may find it fits, it may
    not fit well.

    We’ll have more news on the site soon. Thanks.

  • Dave Delaney
  • Dave Delaney
  • Kaps

    Do you have any approx. ETA for the iPad 2 Folio case?