Jan5 | 2011
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Our DriveSafe Initiative


Welcome to DriveSafe, a major new initiative in automotive accessory design and usage. DriveSafe is a comprehensive range of in-car products designed to limit driver distractions from smartphones and mobile devices.

As mobile technology has developed, feature sets have expanded, and drivers have more potential distractions than ever before. Because their phones do more, drivers are encouraged to do more with them; but the devices, themselves, have become more complicated to use, demanding more of a driver’s attention. These distractions are visual, physical, and cognitive; combined, they cause more than 1 million crashes annually in North America alone (AAA Foundation).

Handsfree solutions can often be impractical or uncomfortable, like Bluetooth headsets; or prohibitively expensive, such as integrated in-car systems. In spite of the extra expense, they sometimes fail to account for everyday smartphone needs, like charging and music playback. This led our designers to ask the question, “How do we handle the reality of smartphones on the road?”

The answer is our DriveSafe family of handsfree devices.

RoadTrip HandsFree and BlueTrip DualConnect

RoadTrip HandsFree

RoadTrip HandsFree is our complete in-car solution for iPhone, iPod, and all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. RoadTrip HandsFree holds your iPhone or iPod securely in place on a flexible steel neck, in a cleverly designed cradle that accommodates most cases. The powerful FM transmitter sends music wirelessly to your car’s FM radio, and features all the same great Griffin innovations of our standard RoadTrip, like: SmartScan, user-defined presets, SmartSound signal adjustment, and tactile remote control buttons.

You can also use RoadTrip HandsFree as a handsfree speakerphone in your car. RoadTrip’s built-in microphone picks up your voice, and your caller’s voice plays through your stereo speakers.

Raised buttons that provide tactile feedback allow drivers to answer calls without taking their eyes off the road.

BlueTrip DualConnect

BlueTrip DualConnect is a handsfree in-car solution with a footprint so small you won’t even notice it’s there.

BlueTrip plugs discreetly into your car’s 12 volt accessory socket to satisfy its own modest power requirements. It connects to your iPhone or other smarphone wirelessly via Bluetooth. (It also works with iPad and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.) From there, BlueTrip gives you a choice of ways to get the music from your player to your car stereo. It can broadcast the music to your car’s FM radio via FM transmitter, or you make a physical connection from BlueTrip to your car stereo’s AUX-In port. When a call comes in, BlueTrip’s built-in microphone clearly picks up your voice while playing call audio through the car speakers.

Pricing and Availability

RoadTrip HandsFree, $99.99, will be available in January 2011. BlueTrip DualConnect, also $99.99, will be available during the first quarter of 2011. The rest of the DriveSafe family of products is already available, and can be found at www.griffintechnology.com/drivesafe.

Going to CES?

If you’re going to the Consumer Electronics Show, be sure to pop by our booth – North Hall #4727 to see these in person.

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  • TJ

    Whats the updated release for this product?

  • TJ

    Whats the updated release for this product?

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    We’re looking at around April or May. Thanks.

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    We’re looking at around April or May. Thanks.