Aug8 | 2011
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Outfit Crackle for iPhone 4

Outfit Crackle Hard-shell case with craquelure finish for iPhone 4

We start with a hard, protective polycarbonate case in bright, intense colors. Then we cover it in a dark, textured cracked finish that lets the bright under-layer show through for a vintage look.

Outfit Crackle protects your iPhone on all edges and back. Ports in the case provide access to screen, connectors, camera and controls.


  • Hard-shell polycarbonate case with distressed-look crackle finish
  • Dark textured outer layer lets bright-colored under layer show through
  • Full access to screen, ports, and controls

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  • Richard

    We purchased your Griffin/outfit several months ago and my wife dropped her phone and the small outside ring that surrounds the front of her IPhone 4 broke and we need to replace it.  Is there any way of purchasing another?  The color is red.

  • Dave Delaney

    I recommend getting in touch with Support, so we can see if we can help you:

    Dave Delaney
    Marketing | Social Media Coordinator & Online Promotions

    Phone: 615-399-7000 x327
    Twitter: @griffintech

    Griffin Technology
    2030 Lindell Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 USA

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