Sep9 | 2010
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What’s green, furry and has six legs?

What’s green, furry and has six legs (or are they arms)?

It’s Woogie!

We’ve teamed up with Iceberg Kids, the world’s largest publisher of children’s apps, to create a fun new product for your kids. Woogie is the first iPhone and iPod touch case made specifically for children, it’s designed to protect your device from the drops, dings, and bumps that are sure to happen at your kid’s hands. I can speak to this personally.

Woogie includes a free Iceberg Kids Sesame Street eBook sampler app, featuring “Elmo’s Birthday,”"Big Bird’s Nest,” and “The Fix-It Shop.” The interactive app allows your wee ones to follow along with their favorite Sesame Street characters. The app reads the story out loud and you can even record your own voice. There are also 150 additional titles, all Woogie-ready and available from the App Store.

You and your kids are going to love our furry, green friend!

Illustration from Flickr by: bluebirdsandteapots

Enter to win 1 of 5 Woogies!

To celebrate our kids, children’s literature and Woogie, we’re giving 5 Woogies away! Entry is simple, but you’re going to have to be creative.

Join us as we compose an original children’s tale, one comment at a time. Don’t be shy, this is meant to be fun.

Your comment will be a continuation of the story, so be creative. Remember to keep it open, so that others can build on what you’ve written. The only rules are to keep it clean (it’s a children’s story), keep your portion no more than a couple of lines, always reply to the previous comment only, and don’t abruptly end the story please.

We’ll randomly select 5 comments on Monday. Giveaway open to US residents only (sorry international friends). Good luck!

Illustration from Flickr by: bluebirdsandteapots


The story is really taking shape. If your comment disappears or doesn’t appear please try adding one again to the last comment in the thread. Remember, please reply only to the last comment, not to the first (or any other) comment.

Keep up the great work! This may be a classic in the making! :)


Fantastic job everyone! We’ll be concluding the story shortly and posting the winners. Stay tuned!

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  • Kim M

    Ben slipped forward quietly and found the door just a bit ajar. He placed his hand on it to quietly push it open a bit, and realized the door was also warm. Cautiously Ben peeked in and saw …

  • Steven Epstein

    a penut butter and jelly sandwich laying on the…..

  • EliBeth

    On The table next to a pile of soap, Ben started wondering if he should eat The peanut butter jelly sandwich

  • Chris Peters

    Now Ben prefers all natural peanut butter paired with raspberry jam. So Ben, picks up the sandwich and gives it a good sniff. Ben can tell this is inferior sugar filled peanut butter. He’d rather eat the soap.

    Ben is so very hungry…

  • Lindsey

    Ben forgot all about his hunger when the door slammed shut behind them.

  • Randallmartin

    Ben then hears his dog Jasper eating on his PB&J and decides to go investigate

  • BHaynes

    When suddenly the lights came on and Ben saw ten more Woogies standing in an overhead loft. Script flashed across each of their screens, reading “We knew the PBJ would bring you here”.

  • Brtalley5

    Although it made him jump, Ben could tell that the Woogies meant no harm, so he began to follow Jasper , who was already halfway up the stairs.

  • Anonymous

    Even though he had the knowledge of the Woogies kindness he still didn’t understand what made him follow Jasper. As he didn’t have a clue what he would find up there.

  • Dave Delaney

    “Woogies for me and all my friends! Come on, Jasper, let’s get these back home.” And then Ben winked at Jasper: “You can bring the sandwich.”

    The End.

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