What’s green, furry and has six legs?

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  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Ben who had a little bike…

  • http://www.guahanweb.com Garth

    …and on that little bike, there was a little bell…

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.sibble George Sibble

    Ben loved his bike and frequently took it for rides nearby his house. Then one day, he found something interesting…..

  • Anonymous

    …Ben loved to ring his bell as he rode his bike up and down the street…

  • Paul Averbeck

    … and every time he rang the bell his dog would come along.

  • Jlamar

    … and whenever Ben rang his bell the most wondrous things would begin to happen..

  • daquake

    …and ringing this little bell, Ben rode his little bike down the long river path…

  • http://www.facebook.com/bychance John Vargo

    …as he whistled a little tune his daddy taught him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/reck.bob Bob Reck

    Ben’s dog’s name was Jasper; a basset hound with long ears and droopy eyes.

  • Ckourey

    …Ben rode and rode, until his house was in the distance…

  • J McLain

    …whistling his tune so his dog would follow. One day he saw a mother duck with some baby ducks.

  • jess

    Ben on his bike, accompanied by his dog would begin a new adventure. This wonderous adventure begin with …

  • http://twitter.com/briancotie briancotie

    Jasper and Ben had been best friends ever since Jasper was just a little puppy.

  • Jmersch

    new lands would come alive, with colorful people and wonderful animals..

  • Richopp

    Jasper never had a day without Ben – Jasper knew he was the Hound of Ben

  • Lorena

    and decided to follow them to a beautiful pond he’d never seen before, at the pond

  • Jeff P

    But the mother and the ducks seem to be following him!!

  • Chris H

    Surrounded by lush green vegetation, the pond was alive with frogs, tadpoles, and soft little creatures called Woogies. The Woogies were…

  • Pixelpants

    Suddenly, Ben, Jasper and the ducks stopped. They heard some beautiful music coming from behind a tall fence beside them. A long, tall fence entirely covered with ivy except for a spot with a tiny door. As luck would have it, that tiny, two-foot tall door was ajar. Ben looked at Jasper and the ducks and said…

  • schalliol

    Quack, a quack quack quack and they all went inside. They looked all around and realized that they were in a yard that was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside. Then they looked up and noticed the sky was purple and there were two moons overhead. They apparently entered into…

  • Rstahlman

    There were beautiful hues in the sky, of purple and greens. There were fireflies fluttering around Ben and Jasper. Jasper barked at them and decided to explore…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1158472090 Robyn Mckeown

    a dream. The alarm clock buzzed and they woke up.

  • Ryan

    in a field of cotton…candy! What a place to wake up from a dream!

  • Furbyjinmd

    Ben like the sound of the bell so much he asked his Dad to help him record it on his Dad’s iPod Touch. . .

  • http://twitter.com/peterwiklund Peter Wiklund

    Ben rubbed his eyes. As he got out of bed he almost tripped over his bike. How had his bike gotten into his bedroom he wondered. And why was it covered in dirt and grass…

  • Wcwrite

    There lived a boy and his dog who had a great adventure.

  • http://harounkola.com Haroun

    Ben yawned and as he stretched he heard the sound of his bell…

  • sHARON

    Playing and laughing and having such a good time that the little boy and his dog joined them and had a wonderful time!

  • Anonymous

    But who was ringing it? It was…

  • Susan K.

    that’s when it hit him…

  • golfgirl23

    The woods behind Ben’s house provided many adventures for he and Jasper. One day the trees in the woods became vending machines. Each tree dispensed it’s personal brand of stuff.

  • Freeappsonly

    the boy and his dog went inside the jungle in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

  • Stephen O’Connor

    Ben was falling in and out of sleep, dreaming of disney vacations of years past, the massive array of vending machines he has seen on a vacation in Japan; then another lick from Jasper on Bens face and he wolk properly this time. Why did I have such a crazy dream he thought to himself…

  • http://www.roadstories.ca Boomergirl

    He and Jasper had gone on an adventure that

  • Anonymous

    Not because Ben held Jasper by a leash or otherwise tethered to him; but in the way that one heart knows when it truly belongs to another.

  • golfgirl23

    Sugar? No, that can’t be it. Red food dye? Nope. High fructose corn syrup? That may be it. I better not tell Mom. Jasper sat at Ben’s feet nodding.

  • ravan

    Nodding… Nodding.. Nodding… Oh the nightmares continued.

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com/connect Dave Delaney

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door! Jasper ran to see who it was…

  • Mclemorem

    It was a strange little creature who was soft and fun. Hi, my name is Woogie. Woogie asked Jasper if he could come out and play. But instead of using a mouth. Woogie talked using movie quotes on his video screen. Woogie would sit for hours showing movies to Jasper and his friends.

  • http://twitter.com/thismiki Miki Ballard

    and when Jasper was sleepy and his eyelids were heavy, Woogie was there for Jasper to sleep on.

  • Seth Berrier

    Ben walked by the fence at the end of his lawn,
    Then he called for Jasper to hurry along!

    The sun shown down on the fence and the lawn,
    But not on Jasper, JASPER WAS GONE!

  • golfgirl23

    Ben looked and looked, but found no Jasper. Then he saw something behind a dumpster.

  • Steve Sullivan

    It was Jasper and a strange object! “Jasper, what is that?”

  • flowerpower93

    it was the woogie! Ben asked the woogie why he was behind the dumpster and it said,

  • Ken Loomis

    The woogie responded by telling Ben it was too much fun to be with,rather than being tossed into the dumpster.

  • http://theokester.blogspot.com Okie

    Ben, being a creative and intelligent boy, wasn’t shocked at all by the talking Woogie (for he knew that some things talked to children that wouldn’t talk to adults), and he asked the Woogie to take him on an adventure.

  • http://twitter.com/gavoweb gavin richardson

    Woogie said, “with the power of metaphysics and Apple® I shall introduce you to the far universe of Dave. One rule on being in the universe of Dave, you must end every sentence with the word ‘Eh.’ Gotta it Ben? Eh.”

  • Scott Barney

    The Woogie gave Ben a bemused look, then said “I was going to ask you the same thing! You are a boy that seems to always be on an adventure, with Jasper at your side!” Laughing, the Woggie hopped on Jasper’s back and they all set out towards the abandoned soap factory, to see what adventures they could find.

  • Marco

    The soap factory looked mysterious and menacing and Ben slowed down as they approached the entrance, but suddenly Jasper picked up a scent and started barking and running wildly towards the main entrance…

  • Chris

    As they approached the door, they saw an odd glow peeking through the crack between the door and the floor…