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  • Steve Lederer

    FaceTime is gonna be awesome!!

  • K. C.

    I'm most excited about the face time calls and getting one before my friends.

  • Goose2460

    I'm super excited about the gyroscope. I hope developers start making games that incorporate it soon.

  • hilary rose

    I'm most excited for the HD camera and the FaceTime calls!!!

  • dfiore

    certainly and without question the ability to make it through a day on a single battery charge, all the while using the cool new features

  • Tinabean17

    I am excited about the longer battery life and the sharper screen. :)

    PS- I love your Chilewich iPhone covers! Please make them for the iPhone4 too!!!

  • Jchriswall

    The text for reading anything is just fantastic! Getting used to the smaller size compared to my 3G with a case. Love it!

  • AG

    Battery life. I need battery life…

  • JoyHaynes

    I can't wait to one-up my husband who has a 3Gs. :)

    Also looking forward to the higher res photos and video. Oh and the extended battery life too!

  • Josh Goodson

    FaceTime is pretty awesome, but the better quality camera will allow me to take perfect looking pictures! I might actually start taking pictures of everything!

  • Alohamonkeys

    The camera FLASH!

  • Josh Goodson

    Hoping to get my comment in by 11:59 (CST?)!

    I am most looking forward to the improved camera, and FaceTime calls (although may not be used often)… I might actually start taking pictures of things with my phone now! (Plus the screen look amazing)

  • Ben

    I look forward to not carrying a separate camera with me.

  • Monica LaPlante

    where should i start? the sleek new aesthetic? face time calls? better camera? built-in nail clippers? well…maybe not. wishful thinking. very excited to upgrade.

  • Ryan Gray

    I'm excited about the camera improvements: HD recording, nice stills, front for video, and flash.

  • Azmacgirl

    I LOVE the folders. I also like the new design.


    Hey! AWESOME prize hopefully you meant midnight PST :D

  • Mohsin

    The faster speed and the new display is the thing I am most interested in, seen one in the store and oh my god.

  • Scot Andrews

    I can't wait to get wifi back. It's broken on my 3G. Oh, and HD video means one less gadget to carry.

  • pelon

    The design of iphone 4 is most exciting especially the new touch screen!

  • Steve

    I can finally retire my Flip camera

  • Jim Harry

    I am loving the new camera! Oh, and the new screen. And the faster processor. I could keep going!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. We'll see what we can do. :)

  • Dave Delaney

    Congratulations Russell! Don't forget to backup the video and photos constantly. That's the footage you will NEVER want to lose. I'm excited for you both.