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DriveSafe 22 Road Trips
DriveSafe 22 Road Trips

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  • Dina

    My travel tip: Bring a cooler with cold water and a lot of healthy snacks so you don’t have to stop at fast food restaurants for unhealthy meals.

  • Ladyboarder9669

    Pack light. Pack things that can be used for multiple things.


  • Marcus Snyder

    Pack healthy snacks to keep you going – sugar crashes won’t get you too far. Also, choose your co-pilot wisely ;)

    marcus.a.snyder [at]

  • Jeffw78

    I have to make sure I have a full tank and a charger. Because the kids always want to play games on my iPhone when on the road

  • Ed Hash

    Make sure the FBOs are open when you plan to arrive.

  • joannaonthelake

    We learned from our past road trips that our cell phones do not always work, even if we are not in remote areas, we may just not be reaching cell phone towers that work well with our carriers.  So we supplement our cell phones with pre-paid phone cards, just in case we need to connect with someone, someplace, etc. for some reason.  We were in New Mexico, going along the Rio Grande, trying to make a hotel reservation in Taos and our cell phone died on us.  Luckily we had our pre-paid phone cards handy, we stopped a small diner, used their pay phone and was able to get our hotel booked.  This is just an example of why you should play it safe, especially when you are traveling with young children, you don’t want to be without a way to communicate should an emergency happen.  I saw so many amazing tips, I hope this is not one already mentioned.  If so, I apologize, there are too many to go thru each one to make sure it is unique!  Thanks so much for the chance to enter.  I am also following you on twitter and I tweeted, I’m @joannaonthelake  I have also LIKED you on FB!

  • Shawna O.

    If on your Road Trip, you’ll be going through a Big City Like New York or Los Angeles, it will be very helpful if you have access to timely traffic information via a good traffic app on your smartphone or satellite radio.
    Thank You for the chance to win.

  • MissingLynxx

    Road Trip Tips? Good company, good snacks and water! Along with great tunes!

  • anissa gooch

    Bring plenty of good music and snacks!  @goochin

  • Dgossage1

    My road trip tip would be always have enough new music to last you the whole trip.

  • Anonymous

    My tip is to do your research and have a plan or a schedule and try to stick to it the best you can because it is very easy to get off track on a road trip.

  • Lee-Anne

    bring an amusement bag for the kids-  Things to do, snacks, drinks, books on tape.  Cuts down on “are we almost there?”

  • Debbie Bashford

    munchies, a thermos of coffee and good tunes

  • Mike

    My main tip would be to ensure you are fully prepared with enough maps so you don’t waste time getting lost.  I’ve used a few iPhone GPS apps and rely heavily on apps that done use any data while traveling due to international data charges, so get something like Offmaps or CityMaps 2Go and download all the maps and travel info you need before you leave

  • cynthia

    food and conversation

  • Debbie Bashford

    munchies, a thermos of coffee and lots of good tunes

  • Casey Gavette

    #1 raod trip tip for my family…iPad :)

  • Jeannine Mellan

    invest in a portable dvd player

    mellanhead74 at

  • Jeff

    For my road trips I make sure the iPod is loaded up with some tasty tunes and my cooler is stocked with some tasty snacks and drinks. :D

  • Anonymous

    What I’ve found helps the most for road trips is to make multiple day long playlists so you will never run out of music or hear the same song again!

  • Katherine Persons

    Make sure there is something to always occupy your kids to avoid the “Are we there yet”

  • Neil Norman

    Stop every 2 hours and stretch your legs!

  • Jeremy

    On long road trips (multiple days) make sure you plan a few things to do along the way. This breaks up the long hours in the car.
    If you have a notebook/netbook/tablet make sure to bring tons of movies to entertain those in the back seat, and plenty of music on your favorite mp3 player for those in the front.

  • MCJunkie

    My road tip is watch the road. To many drivers apply their makeup, brush their teeth, play with the radio and for god sake stay off that cell and do not tweet or text. Listen, safety first at all measures! Don’t be paying attention to bikini driver girl, watch that highway. I’ve seen way to much distraction on the roadways for you not to care. Bring yourself and your family back home alive and enjoy your trip. @MCJunkie