Win 1 of 10 exclusive Threadless CES cases!

Innovation Revolution Threadless Griffin iPhone caseLeading up to CES our friends at Threadless held a Threadless Loves Innovation design contest.

CES’ Deborah Kassoff wrote:

“We were presented with designs from five finalists and each was incredibly creative and compelling and told a different story conveying the artist’s passion for innovation. But the winner we chose “Innovation Revolution” captured the full breadth of what the judging panel agreed is the meaning of innovation, through an amazingly unique work of art.”

The talented designer and winner of the contest was David Fleck, a 20.44 year old boy from Edinburgh, Scotland. Threadless flew him to Las Vegas to check out CES and to see his design, which we made into an exclusive iPhone 3G/3GS case.

If you were at CES and visited our booth there’s a good chance you left with one of the cases. If you didn’t now is your chance to win one.

Leave a comment and enter to win!

Tell us what your favorite innovation was for the last decade. You’ll be automatically entered to win one of ten remaining Innovation Revolution cases. After that they will be gone.

10 winners will be randomly selected on Friday, January 29th at 4pm Central Time.

Good luck!

Now check out this interview I did with the Fleck, right in the back of Double Nickels

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  • Daniel M

    i’ll go with the iphone

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Wesley.

  • Crothluebber

     That is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    last 10 years of Apple! thanx for keepin them covered!

  • Don

    The iphone is obvious but I’ve got one that’s not so much, my favorite innovation of the past 10 years, 3D printing. That has some fantastic potential to change everyday living. Just download the latest case design and print it at home. That’s cool. Possibilities are almost limitless.

  • Acoustic Randall

    i’d like a case neato made from recycled LPs

  • Dave Delaney