Feb1 | 2011
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Introducing GriffinDeals

Introducing GriffinDeals

Introducing GriffinDeals

Love tech? Love saving money? Then there’s just one word you need to know for our three hottest deals every week. GriffinDeals. (Yes. It’s actually two words. But we smashed them together to make one word. We hear it’s very Web 2.0)

Here’s what to do:

  • Follow @GriffinDeals on Twitter where we’ll announce deals three times a week.
  • Subscribe to the weekly GriffinDeals email to get Friday’s BIG Deal directly in your inbox. Get it here.
  • Bookmark our GriffinDeals page and drop by anytime to see what’s for sale.

Do all three or sign up for the one that works for you. Either way, you’ll be the first to hear about great deals on our award-winning accessories.

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