REAL PROOF: Bridge Breakup

Today is our final video in our Survivor REAL PROOF campaign.

You’ve seen us drop our strongest iPod case three stories into a vat of maple syrup. You’ve watched in horror as we shot pool, played air hockey and bowled at an iPod touch in Survivor. You sat back shocked as you witnessed an iPhone dropped from the roof of a car at 50 miles an hour, only to later be put through a car wash – with hot wax!

This time Stephen Koehn suggested we throw the iPod off a bridge (as a guy might throw his after getting a call from his now EX girlfriend). So that’s what we did! Congratulations Stephen, we’re sending you an 8GB iPod touch and Survivor case for your suggestion.

Watch the fourth REAL PROOF video below to see if Survivor survives a 12 story drop from the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge. You may also want to see the iPhone dragged from a 1966 Vespa!


For an extra treat, be sure to watch the video right through until the end! ;)

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  • Dave01568


  • Dave Delaney


  • Dave01568

    Nice test off that bridge.Michael, you amd the crew should have your own tv show.if you do let me know. I think that bridge should have railings.look dangerous. Dave01568= @dave01568. I want the jello. Why did you ask?

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  • Jondschwartz

    I liked the bridge test, but what happens when you fall really hard, like on a bike, playing football, ect? A lot of people, including me, worry about that constantly

  • Jondschwartz

    Nice video, but dont you hate when your running in gym class(or a marathon) and your ipod falls, and everyone behind you kicks and steps on it, and it shatters? It would be a nice video