Shaky video begone!

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  • Mike

    Will there be a new insert for the Aircurve to accommodate the iPhone 4?

  • Dave Delaney

    Unfortunately, no. The sound will come from the other side of iPhone 4,
    and there is no way to channel the audio into the AirCurve sound hole as it
    is now. Sorry for the bad news. We'll work on a solution.


  • Art

    The iphone 4 speaker seems to line up with the AirCurve if you put it in backwards. Why don't you make an insert with the phone turned the other way, and leaning back towards the sound outlet. Then the sound will just come out the back instead of the front. It seems to be just as loud facing away from you.

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Art.
    The sound only comes through the opening in the front. This illustration
    Unfortunately, this would end up with your iPhone facing backwards, which
    wouldn't serve very well as a dock.