Win a (previously loved) Connect-4G Sansa

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  • Josh Calvetti

    Kind of like you said, the Sansa is nice because it exists. It's a solid player, but cheap enough that it doesn't hurt if you send it through the wash.

  • Cameron Knapp

    I like the click wheel on this one, The style looks interesting, and to top all that it holds music, what more can you ask for.

  • Sue

    I would like one to see how it compares to an iPod.

  • Anderson caviedes

    Sansa is dope it`s ggod and resistant…..and overall cheap i Love sansa

  • Frank A

    I still need to upgrade my 1st generation shuffle!

  • Gianpy

    Looks like a decent mp3 player, one of the cheaper ones that duplicates iPod functionality, however it is iTunes and the iPod's ease of use that makes it more popular

  • Kathy

    I only know the Sansa by name. It'd be nice to experience something other than my 1st Gen iPod Shuffle (512K), 4th Gen iPod (40GB), and my current iPod Classic (120GB).

  • Eliane

    The drag-and-drop interface is great. And it looks easy to use and I really like the design.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • William Cody Winter

    Its high quality design with built-in wifi, but yet still with a good price tag.

  • simonejiaao

    ive never seen a sansa before.
    i like how this one can wifi
    sounds cool :)

  • andrewk348

    haha. ill try this for the fun of it!

  • Brian Ramlakhan

    sandisk made a really nice mp3 player here its solid and cheap plus some sansa's have expandable memory witch i really like about them

  • simonejiaao

    I like how this one has wifi
    it has such a cute design
    seems cool :)

  • Anonymous

    Everything since I don’t have one !!!!

  • edmulin

    Gotta love freebies!!

  • mshawnlane

    Sansa was my second MP3 player. It worked great.

  • stil29

    I would love to win a Sansa!!

  • Dave Delaney

    Congratulations Frank! You've been randomly selected as the winner of our Sansa giveaway. Please email me daved AT griffintechnology DOT com.


  • anderson caviedes

    did you finish the contest??'