Win a 120 GB or 8 GB Zune

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  • Josh Calvetti

    Well, I disagree with it having the clearest screen (same as iPod, but bigger pixels), but the wireless syncing was pretty sweet. I still wish my iPhone would do that…

  • joshuaarnao

    I don't know what I love because I have never used one. If I win that would change ;)

  • mattjost

    Zune Rocks.. Gotta love MS Products.

  • Jason Robinson

    Me want Zune!…please.

  • Matt Hewitt

    I love the social. I wish iTunes had something similar. I hope that with the next version of iTunes they add some social media stuff. I used to have a 32 gig first generation Zune but gave it to my fiance's parents when I got an iPhone. I actually miss it quite a bit. I also love the Zune software, it is easy to use, easy on the eyes and much faster than the bloated spreadsheet that is iTunes.

  • jay

    I'd love to win the Zune for its fantastic video playback and audio quality. It has a top notch large display screen and a pleasant and user friendly interface. Well layout & easy to navigate menus to manage the media library, lots of disk space, good battery life & fast wireless synching capability. With all the features that I mentioned, the Zune will provide me countless hours of fun watching my favorite movies and listening to my music collection

  • cameronknapp

    I love my zune cause it doesnt look like all the other mp3 players on the market, the battery life has been impressive, and overall it beats any ipod anyday.

  • cameronknapp

    Ive always loved the zune, wifi sharing, great games on it, and the style of the zune has always set it apart from all other mp3 players.

  • Sandra

    Never heard of Zune,but would love to actually see/hear it.

  • stil29

    Ok so I have been trying to enter this through iphone ipad now laptop. I dont have a Zune but would love one.

  • Sue MEM

    Would like a zune so I can see why so many people like it.

  • Mitch Brevard

    What I like is it is not an Apple product :) Thanks for the contest.

  • Dave Delaney

    Sorry. I'm looking into this. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Micheal Frangello

    I want a Zune!!

  • Jordan Rankin

    I would really like a Zune. I could go head to head with the ipod

  • Claire Rankin

    Wow, cool Guys!! Would love a Zune!!

  • andrewk348

    It would be cool winning one of these just to mess around with… I'm more of an ipod guy.

  • Eliane

    I really like the design. It is simple and clean.The video screen looks great too!
    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  • Jason Tsai

    wireless syncing

  • Cameron Knapp

    The zunes style looks so interesting and industrial. The 8gb was my favorite model, ive always wanted a 120 but never saved up enough.

  • Brian Ramlakhan

    The one thing i love about the zune is its screen its just absolutely beautifully watching a short video on it looks really nice.

  • jason carr

    I like the zune because it is not an iPod. ABI!

  • Trendsetter

    I've always wanted a Zune! I like the slightly retro look and the way you could share songs. I love the colors and I like the size it was so cute to me!….i really want to win this. I love music!


    That's sweet!

  • keith

    what do i love about the Zune? That Griffin makes awesome accessories for it, of course! (oh yes i did)

    really…the cool feature that i think would be great to have is the wifi sync that is supported on the Zune! Genius! if only iPods and iPhones had that smart technology built in!

  • Steve Goebel

    Guess I could use a Zune. Hope it's a brown one!!

  • Shane Smith

    I love the name 'Zune', and 120 just happens to be my favorite number.

  • Gil G

    Unlike the iPod and other music players, the Zune can wirelessly share music and photos with other zunes something I think is incredibly cool. Also the fact that they kept a simple and elegant design makes it nice. Although I never owned one it would be awesome to actually have a chance to own one especially with the amount of space one gets (120g or even 8g is huge!)

  • simonejiaao

    Wow, id really love a zune.
    honestly, i dont get the huge fuss about iPods. my first gen just died. it kept freezing all the time too.
    zunes are really gorgeous, i love the huge screen. the design is very original. itd be cool to be the only person without an iPod at school :)
    also, im not allowed to get one myself. theyre “uneducational”.

  • Cameron Knapp

    If you really compare the 2 yea its Crisper.

  • Cameron Knapp

    I love the Zune

  • Fusion Outrage

    The Zune is a piece of art, very interesting and sleek and un generic looking. Hard to find good cases for them. Griffin made about the best case for my 80gb. I would love to have a 120gb

  • DK

    The Zune Pass music subscription is a really nice way to discover new music.

  • hushmouth

    I don't know why I love my Zune….I just do! Love everything about it……

  • Jord Riekwel

    What I love about the Zune… That I can win one for free! :D

  • phill

    i actually like brown and the subscription model

  • jst4tim

    I have never tried a Zune but would like to.

  • REL

    i remember when the zunes first came out… i loved how all the people with zunes could transfer music wirelessly… i knew when someone had a zune right when they pulled it out because they looked like bricks…. lol

  • Lauren B

    I've never had a Zune, so I don't actually know :-) it looks beautiful though! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Barb

    I love my Zune! I would love to have one for my granddaughter. I think it would be perfect for her in college.

  • Jimena Sanchez

    I've never had a zune or even touched one but I would love to be able to see what this Ipod competitor has to offer!

  • Dave Delaney

    Congratulations! You were randomly selected as the winner of the 120 GB Zune! Please contact me: daved AT griffintechnology DOT com.

  • Dave Delaney

    Congrats Mitch! You were randomly selected as the winner of the 8 GB Zune! Please send me an email to: daved AT griffintechnology DOT com.


  • kathy128

    I would like endless music and plenty of space to store what I find if I win the zune!!