Nov3 | 2011
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Wait, Wave, What?

Amy waves with WaveStandWave hello (like Amy) and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 10 of our popular WaveStand tablet stands.

Our WaveStand provides the perfect angle for viewing, tapping, and typing. Whether for viewing videos or photos or ebooks, or for surfing and typing at a comfortable angle, our WaveStand is the remarkably versatile holder that does it all. And it does it in so compact a footprint, you’ll want to pick it up and take it with you.

Wait, Wave, What?

Wave hello. Just submit a photo in the comments of you waving hello. A photo is counted as a submission. We’ll randomly select 10 of you wonderfully cheery wavers this Friday afternoon.

Just click the + Image button below the comment box to add your image. You can also use a link to the photo, if the + Image button is not visible.

Note: Please allow a little time for your comment to be moderated.

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UPDATE: And the winners are… HERE!

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  • Nickole

    HI! Happy Thursday (my Friday!)

  • Jeremy Cherry


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sean O

    Hey Now!


    Hola! :-)

  • Lory


  • Marlyss Hollyer

    Hello there!

  • Lindsay

    A little wave from a little chihuahua (who wasn’t thrilled)

  • Chris Harrison

    Greetings from Georgia! Would love to win a WaveStand!

  • BearsFan34

    A wave from chilly, rainy Chicago.

  • MissingLynxx

    Hello! My Ipad and I thank you for the chance! *waves*

  • Yuu

    What? No image belOw the comment box? What is wrong?

  • Dave Delaney

    Include a link to the image if it’s not there please.

  • Timothy Cox

    Why helllooooo…

  • andrew

    Hey from Charleston! ;)

  • Jimena Sanchez

    My dog Sally and I are saying hi, although she’s wondering who I am waving too :)

  • Mike Stavros

    Cmon weekend!

  • Dori Nussbaum

    Waving, waving, just can’t see hands!!!

  • Dori Nussbaum


  • Anonymous

    Hello there! I’m @immortalb4 and crossing my fingers.

  • Anonymous

    Hello there! @Dinsmoor:twitter wishes you a great day!

  • Jediah Cummins

    You can see my awesome Cogsworth clock in the background!

  • shirley martintutolo

    hi waving my wave

  • Thomas


  • Christie Reid

    My “happy Friday” wave!

  • Scott Gordon

    I’m wavin..

  • Scott Gordon

    I’m wavin!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope I can be chosen.

  • Anonymous

    Waving will be good

  • Curtis Lu

    pick me!

  • Peter Wiklund

    Happy working from home on friday wave

  • Curtis Lu

    hi…pick me!

  • Nutmeg237

    .¸¸.•*¨`•» Hello Happy Friday !!  .¸¸.•*¨`•»

  • Rdcb46

    Wyatt likey!

  • Ben Gillam

    Good Luck everyone :)