May19 | 2011
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Xpo and Arrowhead are incredible tablet stands! Win 1 of 20!

We know you love your tablet (and what’s not to love?). That’s why we’re here… to help your favorite tablet stand tall and proud whenever you use it. Let’s give away 10 of each!

Xpo tablet standXpo – Folds open to hold tablets up to 10″, folds shut to take up less space than a pair of glasses. Use your tablet in landscape orientation to watch video, or recline it to type and surf. Made of lightweight aluminum, Xpo is ready to go when you are.

Arrowhead tablet standArrowhead
– Two feet hold your tablet upright for use. When you’re ready to roll, the feet snap together through the Wonders of Magnetism to create a compact unit that slips into your pocket or a cozy corner of your bag. Arrowhead is not recommended for hunting or target use, but very cool looking nonetheless.

Taking a stand may not always make you popular. But win a Griffin stand and you’ll become your tablet’s favorite person.

We’ll announce the winners here next Thursday, May 26th. Good luck!
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Congratulations to our winners!


Chris Abel
Gerry Waller
Robert Serrano
Eddie Lin
Shawn Lane
Alden Bennett
Frank Springer
Jeff Alvey
Justin Fernandez
Eduardo Freitas


Sloane Scott
Andrew Graham
Will Balingit
John Vangeli
Matt Thomas
Julia Corrigan
Erkan Kulekci
Donna Wiederhold
Dan Schwenzfeier
George Hyman

Didn’t win?

We’ll have more giveaways, contests, discounts and more soon. Don’t miss a thing!

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  • Simon James Betts

    booo hissss, US/Canada only, no fair, what about for us Griffin fans in Australia?

  • Dave Delaney

    Sorry Simon. We’ll have more international contests and special offers soon.


  • Mona Morgan

     Should the original 10 winners be raptured on Saturday, will there be 10 alternates?

  • Dave Delaney

    Let’s all hope for the best. Good luck, on all counts.

  • Mike

    Useless company, I for one will not buy there product any more, if they only support US? Canada customers with free giveaways.

  • oneighturbo

    Smart products as always! 

  • Dave Delaney


  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks for the comment Mike. We don’t only support North America, we have
    international contests too.

    In fact, we have an international contest for GuitarConnect closing today:
    We’re also finishing up our Stylus with SignMyPad contest tomorrow:

    We can’t make all contests open internationally, but we certainly aim to. We
    also have great discount codes available from time to time, be sure to stay
    subscribed to our email newsletter for details soon.

    I hope this helps change your mind about Griffin.

  • Calibrarian

    Not just smart, but really great….I love Griffin for making and standing behind their well designed, dependable and durable products. My most recent discovery was the Aircurve amplifier for iPhone.

  • Lisa Garrett

    I would love one of these!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. AirCurve is one of my all time favorite products. Have you read the

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Lisa. They are really great stands. They’re perfect to travel with

  • alexa whitehead

     i need a tablet stand for my iPad!!

  • alexa whitehead

     i need a tablet stand for my iPad!!

  • Dom

     The XPO would be great to throw in my backpack for using the iPAD on the go.. I keep one of the Griffin A-Frames in the house and it is fantastic….

  • Dom

     The XPO would be great to throw in my backpack for using the iPAD on the go.. I keep one of the Griffin A-Frames in the house and it is fantastic….

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks very much Dom. I think you’ll really like it.


  • Ethanwelton

    Recently bought the loop for ipad and love it!

  • Dave Delaney


  • Pmwallace007

    I agree with Simon…. Why email me in UK if I can’t enter!

  • Dave Delaney

    We’ll have more great international contests soon.

  • David Cann

    Absolutely, I’m tired of receiving email from companies offering all sorts of things only to find out they DON’T mean ME!! Amazon do it to me almost daily, now Griffin are at it. I’m a more than once Griffin customer, love the product but if it’s good enough to sell me stuff online then it should be good enough to include me in their competitions.. grrrrr

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks David. I can appreciate your frustration. I’ll be sure that our next giveaway is open internationally.

    I don’t want to upset any of our customers, especially the British, my Mum happens to be one too. :)

    Pleae stay subscribed, because we have some great stuff coming up soon.

    Don’t forget that the SignMyPad and Colored Stylus giveaway is still open internationally. The last winner will be selected tomorrow.


  • Anonymous

    Have the winners been announce yet?

  • Dave Delaney

    Yes, the blog post has been updated and the winners have been contacted.