Nashville Film Festival

I can’t name a single person at Griffin who doesn’t enjoy a good film from time to time. In fact, a few of my co-workers are complete film geeks. That’s why we’re so happy to be included as a sponsor for this year’s Nashville Film Festival.

Nashville Film Festival is a cultural arts institution that inspires, educates, and entertains through an annual celebration of the art of motion pictures, year-round events, and community outreach. Founded in 1969, a milestone reached by only three other film festivals in the country, by Mary Jane Coleman as the Sinking Creek Film Celebration, Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) is hosted at the Regal Green Hills Stadium 16 in Nashville, Tennessee. Since 2004, the festival has doubled attendance to 23,000 – screening more than 250 films from 48 nations around the globe. 2010 will mark the 41st year for the Nashville Film Festival. –

Here’s a sneak peak of the loop video we’ve created that you’ll see in the lobby of the Green Hills Cinema if you’re attending.

What’s your favorite quote from the movies?

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