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Best Halloween Costumes 1

Best Halloween Costumes

It’s hard to type with all of this Halloween candy in my hands. Sorry… that’s better now (I’ve moved it to my mouth). I had plenty of great goblins arrive at my door last...

A trick and a treat 0

A trick and a treat

To celebrate Halloween today, I am about to share a trick and a treat with you. Your Halloween Trick Don’t be too scared, but illusionist Simon Pierro has just released a new video entitled...

Freaking out your iPod 2

Freaking out your iPod

We hope our Frankenstein, Mummy, Vampiress, and Werewolf Halloween cases for iPod touch don’t scare you too much. Our new Freak Show series of cases will be fun to collect individually or as a...

Our Halloween Costume Party winners 0

Our Halloween Costume Party winners

It’s time to announce the winners of our 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Party! We asked you to come up with some very original Halloween costumes for your favorite Griffin products, and you didn’t disappoint!...

2nd Annual Halloween Costume Party 4

2nd Annual Halloween Costume Party

Last Halloween, we challenged you to dress up your Griffin product(s) in a Halloween costume. The images you submitted ranged from freaky fun to downright spooky! This year we’re doing it again. Take your...