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Twitter to the rescue!

On Monday, Mrs. Katie Jane asked us a question on Twitter. Do you know how to move music from one computer to another in iTunes? 2 different laptops = two music libraries on one...

Shaky video begone! 4

Shaky video begone!

We’re excited to team up with TwitVid to help celebrate their first anniversary. TwitVid is a free service that you can use to share short videos on Twitter. To enter our giveaway simply upload...

Better not naked #flexgrip 0

Better not naked #flexgrip

It can get pretty cold out there! Is your iPad cold? If it doesn’t have a case yet it probably is. Why are you letting your iPad freeze? I have three black, white, blue...

How to avoid being scammed on Twitter 1

How to avoid being scammed on Twitter

Anyone who is following a large number of people on Twitter should be used to the amount of Twitter phishing schemes occurring lately. I’m constantly receiving suspicious direct messages (DMs). You should never click...

Blip.FM Giveaway 4

Blip.FM Giveaway

Blip.FM is randomly selecting 3 lucky DJs each Friday for the next four weeks to win our Power Prize Pack! It’s 100% free to enter. The Power Prize Pack includes: 1 X PowerDuo Reserve...