How to avoid being scammed on Twitter

Anyone who is following a large number of people on Twitter should be used to the amount of Twitter phishing schemes occurring lately. I’m constantly receiving suspicious direct messages (DMs). You should never click links that seem strange, you should also never give anyone your cell number.

That all said. If you do click a link, because you simply can’t resist, watch out for this!

*** Always look at the URL on the page you’re sent to. ***

This is not that you would be logging in to. Those that fall for this give their username and passwords away. So if you receive strange DMs from people you actually know, this is likely how it’s happened.

Avoid Twitter Scams

Avoid Twitter Scams

This type of phishing scam happens in many different ways such as banking, Ebay and PayPal. Be careful what you click and always look at that domain, if it’s not it’s not legitimate.

The other trick is to login to Twitter and click Settings and Connections. Have a look at what applications you’ve given third parties permission to. If there’s something there suspicious or that you’re simply not using click Revoke Access.

By following these tips you’ll help reduce the amount of spam and scams on Twitter. Here’s a great resource for other ways to be sure you’re secure.

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