Jun29 | 2011
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How to back up your iPhone

Always be backing upAccording to a recent article from VentureBeat, Only 50% of Apple Store customers backup their iPhones. We implore you to be sure you’re backing up your iPhone (and any other device for that matter).

Here are Apple’s steps to back up your iPhone:

  • If you have configured your iPhone or iPod touch to automatically sync with iTunes on a specific computer, iTunes will back up the iPhone or iPod touch after you connect it to that computer and sync with iTunes. iTunes will not automatically back up an iPhone or iPod touch that is not configured to sync with that computer. iTunes only makes one backup each time you connect, even if you sync multiple times before disconnecting.
  • If you do not have your iPhone or iPod touch sync automatically when connected, iTunes will create a backup when you choose to sync.
  • Right-click (or Control-click) the iPhone or iPod touch in iTunes under Devices and choose Back Up.
  • If you choose to update the software, iTunes will back up the iPhone and iPod touch automatically.
  • If you choose to restore the software to factory settings, iTunes will ask you if you want to back up the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • After restoring your iPhone or iPod touch software to factory settings iTunes will provide a Set Up Your iPhone / iPod touch screen.
  • If you choose to “Restore from the backup of,” iTunes makes a copy of the backup you chose to restore from and that copy is marked in the syncing preferences of iTunes with the date and time when the backup was created.

It would be terrible to lose your photos, videos, contacts and more. Always double check that your backups are occurring.

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