How to clear your iPad cache, cookies and history

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  • Adam Washington

    I have a 3rd generation iPad running IOS 5.1.  Safari setting shows only two options: “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data.” There is no (separate) option to “Clear Cache.”

  • Raineydead

    :) thanks easy enough !

  • Saranden

    Same here! I wonder if there is somewhere right in the depths of the settings where cache can be cleared as if over used and not cleared it’ll slow you up

  • Hermionemat

    Regarding the post about clearing “Cache” when I go into settings then Safari I see ‘Clear History’ and clear cookies and data’ but there is NO ‘clear cache’ can anyone please tell me how to clear my cache.

  • Hermionemat

     Saranden did you ever get a reply about clearing your Cache?  I have the same problem as you.

  • Jackywilkie1951

    Same here. I was only having problems with one site. I totally removed it from my iPad and reinstalled. Now working fine.

  • Aussie girl

    I have the same issue, no clear cache option only cookies and history. Grrrr!

  • Vivekimps88

    On the iPad, go to Settings > Safari and scroll to the bottom (-ish)
    of the right hand side. You’ll see two lines: “Clear History” and
    “Clear Cookies and Data.” Pressing either (or both) will clear those
    items, after you acknowledge a pop-up.

    This is for iOS 5. You used to have the ability to also clear the cache
    in versions 4.x and below, but that option is now gone…

    Hope this helps.


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  • Eric Scoles

    Safari on the desktop has a ridiculously persistent cache and Safari on iOS 4 seems to be the same way: This does not really clear the cache, not fully. Twas ever thus, though, and this is better than nothing.

  • prasad

    whenever im trying to download app on my apple ipad it shows””could not connect to itunes”” plz tell me bettter solution

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