Dec14 | 2011
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How to scrub a song, video or podcast

How to scrub a song, video or podcast on your iPhone, iPod or iPadDid you know that you can easily find an exact second of a song, podcast or movie on your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Our customer, Sam Junge, recently submitted this great tip for our blog.

When in an app that has a time scroll at the top such as the time of a song playing or a movie, if you tap and hold the scroll button while sliding you finger downwards it takes you to medium and high speed scrubbing which means moving by 1-2 seconds instead of 10-15 which is great for finding your favorite part of a song or movie line.

Thanks Sam! We’ll be sending you something cool for submitting this great tip.

If you have a tip be sure to submit it. If we use it, we’ll be sending you a great Griffin product too.

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