May3 | 2011
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How to share photos on your iPhone or iPad

It’s easy to share a photo on your iPhone or iPad, but to send multiple ones can be tricky. There is a very simple way to achieve this that you may slap your head (like I did) when you learn how it’s done.

Enter your Camera Roll and then click the arrow on the top right corner (pictured here).

How to share photos on your iPhone or iPad

Now go ahead and select each photo you wish to share. You can also simply delete photos and videos this way too.

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  • Maria Jimena Sanchez

    awesome and simple tip, thanks!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks Maria. I was so pleased to discover it too.

  • Hasse

    great if you want to share 3 photos. But if i want to share 350 photos this does not work. Then I want to SEND A LINK to somewhere. How do i acheive this? I do not have access to computer or wifi.

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