iTunes has stopped updating this podcast

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  • Luca

    I've been searching for something like this for the past months without finding anything useful… thank you!

  • Dave Delaney

    Thanks. I'm really happy I was able to help you. It use to drive me nuts.
    What are your favorite podcasts?

  • Michael Vezie

    I'm confused. After you listen to them (either in iTunes or via an iPod/iPhone, the next time you sync), they'll all be marked as played. If you are using some other device then unless you are just letting them grow forever, you must be deleting them somehow. If that happens in iTunes then try marking them as “Watched” (iTunes-talk for “Listened”) instead. That should take care of things.

  • Dave Delaney

    Sorry Michael. I'm confused too. :)

  • DDinTV

    What about a script for Windows?

  • Aleck

    Actually, should you happen to listen to a podcast with a device other than an iPod/iPhone or with a program other than iTunes, this error is absolutely maddening. Again, from Apple’s perspective, a “feature” rather than a bug (one with the added benefit of pushing you to use their hardware and software rather than what you might already have and/or prefer).