Use your iPhone or iPod to help you sleep

Flickr photo by: Rich Moffitt

There’s a great post on iVillage by Karen Springen explaining ways you can use your iPhone or iPod to help you sleep.

Springen recommends searching for soothing songs on iTunes, an array of ambient sound apps and white noise. I’ve used the free, White Noise Lite app before, it’s great.

She also suggests choosing music that gets slower, rather than faster. So, Metallica’s “One” is probably not a good choice.

Once I finally stop reading feeds and Twitter in bed, I tend to fall to sleep pretty quickly. In fact, it’s waking up for me that’s a little tricky. I use our AirCurve to amplify my alarm and it works really well.

Do you use your iPhone or iPod to help you get some shut eye?

Photo from Flickr by: Rich Moffitt

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