How to share a podcast from your iPad or iPhone

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  • Alex

    What do u mean, “voila?” Thanks for the instructional article, but what email do we send to? Is there a special email account we should open in Posterous? This is in re to sharing a liked podcast on Facebook. Thanks.

  • Designer Alex

    Hello! I added a comment a week ago with a question. And still no posting? No answers? Anybody there? 

  • Griffin Technology

    Hi Designer Alex:

    Your comment is prompting me to update this entry.  In answer to your question, there _is_ a missing step.  The writer of this post has been flogged for its omission.


    1) Log in to your Tumblr account.
    2) Select Blog Settings.  The URL will look something like this:
    3) Scroll down about halfway.
    4) There you should see a listing for Post by Email.  Copy this email listing into your Address Book or Contacts.  I gave the contact the name “Post by Mail”.
    5) Now when you’re ready to send a link as outlined above, simply address the email to “Post by Mail” (or whatever you named the contact) and that gets it sent to the right place.


    1) Send sent the email to YOURBLOGSNAMEHERE  [at symbol] <–this is supposed to be in normal email address format.  For some reason, Disqus keeps garbling it.
    2) There is no step two.  Your emailed podcast will post straight to your Posterous account.

    Thanks for your question, and for prompting us to update.


  • No

    When sharing from iPhone, it links to the main podcast, not the individual episode.