How To Transfer an AIFF to MP3

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  • threats3

    how do can i edit my recordings??

  • Dave Delaney

    We recommend you try Final Vinyl if you're on a Mac. That's free
    Griffin made software that we can help you wish if you're having
    trouble. You can find that on the left side of this page:
    If you're on a PC we recommend Audacity:

    Hope this helps.

  • Dr. Thomas Ho

    Has this changed in newer versions of iTunes? I haven’t done it recently so I can’t figure out how to do it anymore! :-(

  • Dave Delaney

    Not that I am aware. If you’re having trouble please contact us directly, so we can help:
    Thank you.

  • Scott Weaver

    I just did this. iTunes says it’s creating the MP3 version, but where is it? All I see in iTunes is the original file but not the new MP3 copy.

  • Alex Orr

    Extremely helpful, thank you. Would have taken quite some time to figure out without this simple guidance.

  • alfredbobes

    You may also try iDealshare VideoGo to batch convert AIFF to MP3, M4A, WAV and
    other popular audio formats.
    It also helps to convert all kinds of audio files to
    AIFF or even can convert video to AIFF audio on Mac or Windows.