Jun1 | 2011
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How to transfer iTalk files to iTunes [UPDATED!]

iTalk voice recording app

UPDATE! 10/1/13

You can find the latest instructions on transferring files from iTalk to your computer here!

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When we get questions on Twitter and Facebook, we do our best to answer them as quickly as possible. Of course, we also have an incredible customer service team who answer your emails, calls and chats frequently too.

Recently, Jamie Pritchard expressed a need for a better explanation on how to transfer files from iTalk Recorder to iTunes.

iTalk Recorder is our popular voice recording app for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It’s a personal favorite of mine too.

Here’s how to get your files from iTalk to iTunes

  • With your device connected open iTunes
  • Select your iPod, iPhone or iPad under devices
  • Select Apps from the top of the iTunes Window
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom until you see File Sharing
  • Select iTalk under File Sharing
  • Your recordings will be on the right, you can drag and drop those files to your desktop or any other folder

That should help you Jamie.

If you have a question about our products please feel free to reach out. That’s why we’re here! Thanks.

Don’t have iTalk Recorder Premium? Grab it from the App Store.


You must use iTalk App 4.1 or later to see this feature. Be sure to update your app if you already have it installed.


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_APDMKHOGIOURXDUQNUYRVN3JCM Shae

    ok so there are nooo comments about uploading files to iTunes or dropbox?? in the above instructions it says to “scroll all the way to the bottom until you see File Sharing” …not on my iTunes window. anybody? i sync it with dropbox and nothing happens. i find no hint as to what to do next. i wish i hadn’t recorded so much precious stuff on here. it’s very heartbreaking. 
    and i find it offensive that i had to “share” info between my yahoo account and DisQus, whatever that is, just to comment on your forum. come on guys… has the whole world turned evil?

  • Tomyse

    That was very helpful, thank you!!

  • Jmhelderman

    And what to do if your iPhone doesn’t support 4.1? I had no problem saving files two weeks ago. Apparently a new update is getting in my way now. What to do?

  • transfer files

    Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunesdoesn’t open, click the iTunesapplication icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. Progress Indicator transfer files

  • Auguste

    Oh, I found that option. Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/SJCWebDesignLLC Lawrence Snow

    Man this was a HUGE help!  Thanks soo much! 

  • RR

    Hi I am trying send my large Italk file somehow. I don’t understand, I got the premimum.

  • Steph Nash

    What you’ve described is what I’ve always done but with this new iTunes update, it doesn’t seem to have a “File Sharing” option anymore. I’ve got important recordings on iTalk that I need to get onto my computer – is iTunes no longer the program to do that?

  • http://twitter.com/L_d_d_O OLIVIER

    I have the same problem!

  • zoe

    there is so many itunes updates that unfortunately i cannot find any “file sharing” and i cannot download my recordings ..please advise

  • Elizabeth Walton

    i have the upgrade but when i switched to a new iphone the older version installed. i used this to record something really important and now can’t email it etc or get it off the device. i’m so deadly disappointed!!! i thought there used to be a desktop software that you could sync with the device and transfer by bluetooth?